Graduation — Pak: 'The teacher, the father, the legend'

Hello, everyone and congratulations to the Class of 2016. As we graduate today, I hope that we remain mindful that graduation celebrates not just what lies beyond, but what allowed us to advance to this pivotal point in our lives.

A man once told me that whatever apprehension he held towards the world as a result of his generation’s negligence was assuaged, seeing what he saw in us, his students. Yet, he failed to realize that whatever good that can be detected in us was fostered by those like him.

This same man built up our band program from scratch with Mr. John Rhodes. And he did not just teach us how to play music but how to live. He taught us how to live abundantly and with passion. And he worked 3,800 nights during his career to do so. This man is not just a teacher, but a father to all of his students. And as one of the thousands that he taught, I must say thank you on behalf of all of us to his family for sharing him for the past 35 years.

Simply put, this man represents the microcosm of everything good in this town. That said, it is with the deepest pleasure and profound honor that I introduce the Class of 2016’s graduation speaker, the teacher, the father, the legend. Please give a huge round of applause for Mr. Frank Chip Gawle.
Rachel Pak
Executive Board Vice President