Free play, education and success

Wilton Youth Council’s Free Play Matters Task Force has invited Dr. Michael Hynes to visit Wilton on Tuesday, Nov. 27, to discuss the importance of free play and recess, societal trends in education, measuring success, and the risks of over-scheduling.

Having recently visited Finland, Hynes will aso share what he learned about the Finnish philosophy and approach to education during his talk, which will take place in Wilton High School’s Clune Center from 10 to 11:30.

Hynes is the superintendent of the Patchogue-Medford Union Free School District in Long Island, N.Y., as well as a public-school advocate for play, recess, yoga, and mindfulness in schools and classrooms. He was also a speaker at Adelphi University’s March 2017 TEDx conference, where he addressed these issues, as well as the importance of a holistic approach to educating children.

Discussion attendees are advised that a video crew will be recording the discussion in connection with the production of a documentary film featuring the themes of childhood and play. A section of the theater will be reserved for those who do not wish to be filmed.

Hynes’s talk is sponsored by the Wilton Youth Council, Wilton Youth Services and Wilton Public Schools.

Admission is free, but registration is recommended. To register, visit

Questions may be directed to Wilton Youth Council President Vanessa Elias at