Fifth grade teachers incorporate new seating options

Erica Rome photos
With $1,000 in grant funding from the PTA, Cider Mill fifth grade teachers Melissa Cirillo and Erica Rome have transformed their classrooms into a place where students have more of a choice of how they sit — or lie — down to learn.

The fifth graders have the option of standing at a station in their classrooms or sitting in different areas designed to encourage conversations and collaboration throughout the day.

“Today’s chairs do not offer enough flexibility to optimize learning,” Cirillo told The Bulletin.

She said the new seating options also give students a choice on how they learn and address students with different physical needs.

“Immediate benefits of flexible seating include burning more calories, using up excess energy, improving metabolism, increased motivation and engagement, creating a better oxygen flow to the brain, and improving core strength and overall posture,” said Cirillo.

Since incorporating the different types of seating, Cirillo said, she has noticed that students are more excited to learn and their focus on work has increased.