Education board approves Student Help Desk for Wilton High School

Wilton High School will offer a new technology course in September called the Student Help Desk, after the Board of Education approved the class during its May 26 meeting.

The course, proposed by computer science teacher Amy Korn, will be part of a collaboration between Wilton High School’s Library Learning Commons and applied arts and computer studies departments.

Korn and Wilton High School Principal Bob O’Donnell presented the course proposal to the Board of Education during its May 12 meeting, where it was well received by board members.

O’Donnell said the course would not only “build the capacity for our students in the realm of technology,” but also “empower them to resolve technology issues” throughout the school.

For the course, students would run a technology help desk in the Library Media Commons.

Korn said the class would not be “a traditional course” and would have three different components.

“Each student would be working on an individual pathway of interest. It could be software, it could be hardware, it could be a coding language that we don’t offer as part of our curriculum,” said Korn.

The first component, Korn said, would involve students developing “their pathway in either receiving certain certification or [learning] skills to help us with different hardware around the building.”

Manning the student help desk would be the second component, she said.

The front desk in the library would be turned into the help desk, where students would “learn the different skills in order to work with the staff and students to help them facilitate their devices and things,” said Korn.

“The third component is that they will all work on a passion project … where they’ll develop an area of interest of their own and really hone a project in something they’re interested in related to technology.”

O’Donnell said the course would receive federal funding through a Carl D. Perkins grant and require no additional full-time equivalent staff.