“Color your path — digitally and traditionally” is the theme at Wilton Continuing Education this fall season,” says Dolores Tufariello, continuing education coordinator. “Take a look at our course offerings online and register early,” she said.

The printed brochures are scheduled to be mailed on Aug. 15. For a preview and to register, visit wiltoncontinuinged.org which provides the fall line-up of classes and complete course summaries.

There are more than 150 classes to consider.

“We are very excited to offer Microsoft Office 13 and Windows 8 classes using the very latest in technology — Surface Tables and new HP desktops,” Ms. Tufariello said. “We’ve equipped our computer lab with a 50-inch smart TV monitor for ease of viewing. Some of the other new technology courses revolve around mobile devices — Droids and iPads/iPhones — all using countless apps to accelerate and enhance learning. Website creation, ebook publishing, blogging and digital photography classes are some of our other tech offerings. We have always offered basic and advanced technology courses throughout the semester, which extends through December, ” she added.

A sampling of other new classes include: astrology, pysanky egg decorating, an expanded Indian cooking series, as well as, American and French festive holiday cooking. Mary Zengo and Bonnie Sheehan, two noteworthy Wiltonians, will offer training to run the Thanksgiving 5K race; Carl Westerlund, Wilton community gardener, will discuss soil composition for organic gardens and Nirmala Clarence, a Wilton resident and public school employee, will lead Bollywood dancing.

Classes are held at Wilton public schools or in businesses in the Wilton, Ridgefield and Norwalk communities.