Video: 183 Ridgefield Road in Wilton

This video, provided by Drew Gumins of Wilton, shows the property at 183 Ridgefield Road — before and after the house on it was demolished on March 23.

The video includes shots of an undeveloped 11-acre parcel, detached from 183 Ridgefield Road through a first cut, that was approved for a four-lot subdivision by the Planning and Zoning Commission on Feb. 22.

The application was approved for four residential building lots and one open space lot, by a vote of 6-1-1.

Steve Mcallister of McChord Engineering first presented the subdivision map on Jan. 25.

He said then that the land can be adequately described as “mostly field and meadow,” and that all development activity slated for the proposed lots would happen “outside of the wetlands and watercourses.”

No inland wetlands permit would be required, he said.

Casey Healy, attorney for the applicant, said on Jan. 25 that “all the stone walls” would be retained, except for one, which he said would remain but “be moved to the southerly driveway that serves 183 Ridgefield Road.”

According to Healy, the health department has already reviewed and approved the septic feasibility for the four proposed lots, and a driveway to be shared between three of the proposed lots was approved by the Connecticut Department of Transportation.

“Lot #4 will be served by the existing northerly driveway at the site,” Healy said.

Because of the first cut, 183 Ridgefield Road is now a 2.5-acre parcel separate from the lot that was approved for subdivision.

The owners of Wilton properties that were defined before the introduction of subdivision regulations are able to avail themselves of what is called a "first cut" without subdivision approval from zoning.