Nearly half of Connecticut residents want to move out of state

Connecticut and New Jersey have the nation's highest percentage of residents wanting to move to another state, according to a recent Gallup poll.

The results of the poll, conducted between March 30 and Dec. 22, 2015, found that 46% of Connecticut residents and 46% of New Jersey residents said they would move out of their respective states if they had the opportunity to do so.

Of the 46% Connecticut residents who said they would like to move, 12% said they plan to do so in the next 12 months.

The percentage of Connecticut residents wanting to move has decreased by 3% since Gallup's 2013 poll. In 2013, Connecticut had the second-highest percentage of residents wanting to leave their state (49%), while Illinois had the highest (50%).

Using Tax Foundation data on aggregated state tax burden — combined income, property and sales tax rates — Gallup found that "residents living in states with the highest aggregated state tax burden are the most likely to report they would like to leave their state if they had the opportunity."

According to 2015 state tax records, Connecticut falls in the fifth tax quintile, which represents the 20% of states with the highest aggregated tax burden.

"States in the first, second and third quintiles have similar percentages of residents reporting they would like to leave their state," according to Gallup. "However, this percentage increases for residents living in states composing the fourth and fifth quintiles."

This finding suggest that "even moderate reductions in the tax burden in these states could alleviate residents' desire to leave the state," according to Gallup.

With 13% of survey-respondents reporting that they would like to move, residents of Montana — a first-quintile state — are least likely to want to leave their state.

The first-quintile state of Oregon had the second-lowest percentage of residents wanting to leave (17%), followed by Washington (19%), a second-quintile state.

The fourth-quintile state of Illinois had the third-highest percentage of residents reporting that they want to leave their state, at 42%.

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