Woman bites Wilton police officer

Perhaps she was angry for being put on hold, but a woman’s belligerent behavior resulted in her being charged with assault.
In April, Pal Neelu called the police department’s regular phone number to discuss a matter  and was put on hold. She hung up and began calling 911 over and over. Each time the dispatch officer explained to her 911 was for emergency calls only.
After several 911 calls, officers went to her home at 284 Sturges Ridge Road to make a “well-being” call. According to the police report, she was upset and agitated and there was evidence of alcohol use. Police then called EMS.
While they were attempting to help her in the ambulance, Neelu bit a police officer and kicked an EMS responder. She was taken to Norwalk Hospital.
After the incident, police prepared an arrest warrant and she turned herself in to police Sunday, June 7, at 9 a.m.
She was charged with assaulting the officer, attempted assault on the EMS responder, and misuse of 911. She was released on $2,500 bond and has a court date of June 19.