Wilton woman surrenders on warrant

Neelu Pal, 46, of Sturges Ridge Road, surrendered at Wilton police headquarters Monday, March 20, on a warrant issued by Norwalk Superior Court after failing to appear in court on March 6.

Pal was originally charged in April 2015 with attempted assault on a police officer, assaulting an EMT, and misusing 911.

The day of the incident, Pal made “multiple 911 calls within a short period of time,” said Lt. Robert Cipolla, even though she had been told not to use the emergency line since  the reason for her calls was not an emergency.

When police went to her home, Pal was upset and agitated and there was evidence of alcohol use. After it was determined that medical transport was needed, Cipolla said, Pal attempted to bite one of the officers and kicked an EMT before being taken to Norwalk Hospital.

After turning herself in on the failure to appear warrant, Pal was processed and released on a $5,000 non-surety bond, which means, according to Cipolla, she didn’t need to “produce financial money.”

“In the future, if there’s a court date and she doesn’t show up, that $5,000 can be enforced,” he said.

Pal’s next court date is set for May 2.