Wilton woman arrested for DUI

Police arrested one driver involved in a two-car accident for DUI May 26.

Around 2:30 a.m., Hope Burnaman, 19, of 222 Nod Hill Road was westbound on Ruscoe Road when she rear ended another car that was stopped near Route 33, police said. Burnaman’s passenger was injured but refused to be taken to Norwalk Hospital.

According to police, the investigating officer smelled alcohol on Burnaman’s breath. She was put to a field sobriety test and did not perform it to standard. Burnaman refused breath testing.

Police subsequently found a box of wine, a “small” liquor bottle, and a fake ID in Burnaman’s possession.

Burnaman was charged with DUI, forgery third, possession of alcohol by a minor, and DUI as a minor.

She was released on $250 bond and has a court date of June 6.