Wilton police log: Dispute over tree cutting, drugs, DUI

Both parties in a property-line dispute were arrested on breach of peace charges May 15.
The issue, police said, “has been going on for years,” and officers have responded “several” times in the past. It involves the property line between 1 and 2 Lennon Lane.

According to police, they were called May 15 around 2 p.m. because someone from 2 Lennon Lane was attempting to cut down a tree that the parties of 1 Lennon Lane dispute as being on their property.

The situation that transpired as a result, police said, was “tumultuous” and involved name-calling and threats.

Police arrested Tonia Stephens-Campbell, 32, of 2 Lennon Lane for breach of peace, because the parties at 1 Lennon Lane were able to produce a video as evidence.

Later that same day, Stephens-Campbell produced video incriminating the other party, Stephanie E. Sullivan, 43, of 1 Lennon Lane. Sullivan was charged with breach of peace as well as criminal mischief, because, according to police, she attempted to remove by force the extension cord powering the electric chainsaw being used to cut down the tree.

Police added that someone then slapped the extension cord out of Sullivan’s hand, and there is a separate, open investigation into this incident.

“It is unclear whose property the tree was actually on,” police said.

Stephens-Campbell and Sullivan were released on promises to appear at Norwalk Superior Court May 25.
Intent to sell
Police arrested two Norwalk brothers for possession of marijuana with intent to sell during a May 12 traffic stop on Danbury Road after an officer observed the driver without a seatbelt.

According to police, driving was Fernando Gutierrez-Franco, 23, of 72 1/2 Lexington Avenue. He was the one unbuckled.

Stopped near Wilton Town Hall, the officer noticed the smell of marijuana and a blunt on the front passenger floor.

Searching the vehicle, police found $1,060 in cash and two quantities of suspected marijuana in two separate freezer bags, as well as empty bags, all of which were “similarly marked” with permanent marker. They also found rolling papers and an herb grinder.

Fernando Gutierrez-Franco and brother Israel Gutierrez-Franco, same age and address, were both arrested on the charges of possession of marijuana greater than one-half ounce, possession with intent to sell, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Fernando Gutierrez-Franco’s failure to wear his seatbelt was added to his charges.

The two were taken into custody and released after each posted a $1,000 bond. They are scheduled to appear in court on May 23.
Asleep at the wheel
Police arrested a Wilton woman on a DUI charge on May 15 after spotting her car parked at a 45 degree-angle in the middle of the roadway with hazard lights on.

Melissa Simeone, 24, of 46 Pelham Lane, was the operator of a reported disabled motor vehicle in the area of 108 Nod Hill Road. She was found asleep and fully reclined in her 2007 Volkswagen Jetta 4D at 11:57 p.m.

Simeone reportedly did not respond to initial cues and the investigating officer smelled alcohol in the vehicle. She was found to have a blood-alcohol content of 0.1837. The legal limit is 0.08.

She was taken into custody and assessed a $250 bond. She has a May 26 court date.
 False statement
On May 10 around 5 p.m., James Drew Kennedy, 52, of 291 New Canaan Road, turned himself in on a warrant for his arrest issued because he had lied on a pistol permit application, police said.

According to police, Kennedy submitted that he had never been convicted of a felony, which was untrue. Convicted felons are not permitted to possess handguns in Connecticut.

Kennedy was processed, fingerprinted, and released on a promise to appear at Norwalk Superior Court on May 23, to answer to the charge of false statement.
Suspended licenses
Police recently made two arrests for driving under a suspended license.

On May 11 around 6 a.m., police stopped Jamito S. Morales, 31, of 71 Stillwater Avenue, Stamford, for driving over the center line “three times” as he traveled north on Route 7 near West Church Street.

Police determined that Morales had had his driving privileges suspended in Connecticut for failing to pay or plead on a fine he earned in a 2013 arrest in Stamford.

Morales was taken into custody and held on a $1,000 bond. He was arraigned at Norwalk Superior Court that day.

On May 13, police made a similar arrest when Victor Rodriguez, 26, of 1226 Sherman Avenue, Bronx, N.Y., was stopped on Danbury Road for following too closely to the car in front of him.

Police said Rodriguez was able to produce a valid New York driver’s license, but that his driving rights in Connecticut were suspended.

They arrested and released him on a $500 bond. His court date is May 23 at Norwalk Superior Court.
Danbury Road DUI
Police arrested a Bethel man on May 13 for driving under the influence. According to police, John F. Erdman, 31, of 25 Hawleyville Road, was traveling north on Danbury Road when an officer saw that he failed to dim his high beams when another car passed.

Stopping him near Catalpa Road, the officer smelled an odor of alcohol, and stated that Erdman “fumbled” his registration as he attempted to give it over.

Erdman did not perform field sobriety testing to standard, and had a blood alcohol concentration of 0.1892.

Charged with DUI, improper use of high beams, and failure to drive right, Erdman was taken into custody and held on $250 bond, which he was unable to post, and was arraigned later that day.