Wilton police keep a close eye on teen drinking

With the school year more than halfway through, more opportunities for underage drinking begin to crop up. Lt. Don Wakeman of the Wilton Police Department spoke out on the matter Tuesday.

Incidents of underage drinking in Wilton are not unknown to the Police Department and its officers, he said.

The department’s school resource officer is an excellent tool in helping combat any problems, he said, before encouraging parents to report any suspicious behavior to the police.

“A lot is accomplished through the SRO, as he spends lots of time at the high school. He is in constant contact with the students and faculty,” he said. “It’s not uncommon that he will hear of a party or gathering” taking shape.

Parents can also play a positive role in deterring underage drinking, he said.

“We always encourage parents or anyone to report any illegal activity, even after the fact. It’s something that we will look into. Illegally supplied drugs or alcohol is something we should know about, even after the fact,” he said.

When the department gets any information about underage drinking, Lt. Wakeman said, the department will often take steps to ensure no underage drinking occurs.

“We will make contact with adults at the residence and inform them of what may be going on. We try to nip it in the bud in advance.”

Though he could not compare the amount of underage drinking taking place in Wilton to that in other towns in the area, he said it was an unfortunate truth that it probably happens in most towns.

“I can’t speak to what other towns encounter, but I would guess that underage drinking is something that goes on in every single town. Whether it’s more or less I can’t say, because I don’t work in the other towns,” he said.

—Christopher Burns