Wilton police hunt shoplifter

Police are looking for a man suspected of shoplifting from Stop & Shop in Wilton.

On March 18, police said they received a report of a white man, captured on Stop & Shop security cameras, shoplifting about 26 packs of razors.

The estimated total value of the missing merchandise is at least $600.

According to police, Stop & Shop security reported the man had been spotted shoplifting items from the New Canaan Stop & Shop as well, and “is usually dressed similarly on each occasion.”

“The man wears a dark-colored, long-sleeve shirt, dark-colored jeans, and dark-colored shoes,” police said.

“He is easily identifiable by a large, black solid gauged earring in each ear” and “appears to have a tattoo on the back of his left hand and usually has a clean shave.”

“The man appears to be in his 20s,” police said.

Anyone who sees someone fitting the description is asked to call the Wilton Police Department immediately at 203-834-6260.