Wilton police chief advises open eyes

A rash of car-related crimes — thefts and burglaries — over the past week prompted Police Chief John Lynch to call on the public to keep eyes and ears open for all strange activity in driveways.

Lynch made his pitch for greater public awareness during a Board of Selectmen meeting June 4 at town hall. He also called upon the public to be sure their cars are locked and nothing valuable is left inside.

The crimes are possibly related, and police need to have more information about strangers entering people’s driveways, not just reports of items or cars taken.

Police are investigating the recovery of a stolen car found parked in the middle of the Rivergate woods May 29 at 8:15 a.m. The grey Mazda 6 was reported stolen from Middlefield overnight by state police.

At the same time, a Ford Fusion was stolen from a driveway at 10:28 a.m. on Rivergate Drive. Police said the car was later found in Norwalk.

Police are also investigating a motor vehicle burglary May 29 at 8:44.a.m. in which a black Infiniti was entered and $15 in change was taken.

The car was unlocked, police said. All these could be related, said Lt. Robert Kluk.

In an apparently unrelated case, an unlocked motor vehicle was entered June 1 between 5 and 6 p.m. and a Segway scooter valued at $500 was taken.

The motor vehicle was parked near the intersection of Pond Road and Sturges Ridge Road.