Wilton police assist Ridgefield in undercover operation

Wilton police assisted Ridgefield police in an undercover operation in which the owner of a Ridgefield sports bar — Tiger’s Den — was caught selling alcohol to minors.
“The Ridgefield Police Department opened an investigation after learning that minors were possibly being served at the Tiger’s Den Sports Bar & Grill located on Catoonah Street,” wrote Ridgefield Police Capt. Jeff Kreitz in a press release Friday.
“With the assistance of the Wilton Police Department Detective Division, the Ridgefield Police Department set up an undercover detail on the evening of July 23, 2015.”
Wilton Lt. Stephen Brennan said Kreitz requested Wilton’s assistance in sending two detectives to “monitor the establishment and report any information.” He said it is common for police departments from one community to request help from another when their own officers might be recognized.
Kreitz said officers in plain clothes were inside Tiger’s Den when “the investigation revealed that minors were being served alcoholic beverages inside of the business by the owner/bartender Joseph Attonito.”
Kreitz said, “Plain clothes officers were inside of the establishment observing the individual during this time.”
Attonito, 35, of 28 Wedgewood Drive, Danbury, was charged with five felony counts of Sale of Alcohol to a Minor. Five minors from Ridgefield were issued infractions for Possession of Alcohol by a Minor. The State Liquor Commission was notified about the incident.
The minors charged for alcohol possession were all 20 years old. They included:
Katherine Abercrombie, 20, of 90 Keeler Drive;
Kyle Chester, 20, of 7 Lakeside Drive;
Patrick Molyneaux, 20, 616 Main Street;
Connor Rowe, 20, of 616 Main Street;
Michael Sexton, 20, of 37 Ethan Allen Highway.
The owner of the Tiger’s Den could not immediately be reached for comment.