Wilton man gives cop fake ID, asks for it back

A Wilton man who was being aided by police after his car became disabled on Belden Hill Road handed an officer a fake Connecticut driver license on Monday March 30.

Then, realizing his mistake, he asked for it back.

Paraphrasing the man, Lt. Stephen Brennan of the Wilton police told reporters Tuesday the man had basically said, 'wait, wait. That's the wrong one,' after handing over the wrong ID.

Eamon Flaherty, 19, of Fawn Ridge Lane, was arrested for sixth-degree forgery, a misdemeanor, after he accidentally gave up his fake license to a police officer.

Flaherty eventually "openly admitted it was a fake ID," Brennan said, after the police officer involved noticed "dynamic" differences between the fake ID and a normal Connecticut license.

The Wilton-resident told police he purchased the fake ID online.

A simple Google search for 'fake ID' brings back a number of easy to use websites where forged licenses can be purchased.