Wilton driver arrested for second hit-and-run in two years

Jonathan Damast
Jonathan Damast

A Wilton man was arrested for a hit-and-run after police found his banged-up SUV parked in his driveway not far from the crash.

Police received a report of an accident on Danbury Road in the vicinity of Wilton Hills at 5:28 p.m. on June 27. According to police, both vehicles were traveling north on Danbury Road by Ring’s End  when one vehicle struck another traveling in front. The driver of the vehicle that rear-ended the car in front reportedly turned around and fled south on Danbury Road. The evading vehicle was described as a blue, four-door with heavy front-end damage. There were no injuries reported.

An hour later, at 6:30, a blue Ford Escape with heavy front-end damage was seen in the driveway of 9 Wilton Acres. Police determined the SUV belonged to Jonathan P. Damast, 43, of that address, and although he denied it, that he had recently driven the vehicle. Damast’s mother told police she believed her son was intoxicated.

Police charged Damast with DUI, evading responsibility, and following too closely. He was held on $1,000 bond with a court date of June 28 at Norwalk Superior Court. Police say that while in custody, Damast admitted to operating the SUV and being involved in the accident.

This is the second time in two years Damast has been involved in a hit-and-run. He pled guilty in April 2017 to evading an accident he was involved in on Jan. 22, 2017. In that instance, he was accused of sideswiping a car going northbound on Danbury Road and speeding away from the scene.

In addition to that plea, he pled guilty to interfering with an officer/resisting arrest. He was fined $250 for evasion and $350 for resisting arrest. Police say he was arrested without incident on June 27.