Wilton crime remains ‘low’ in 2015

The town of Wilton “continues to enjoy a long-standing low crime rate,” according to the Wilton Police Department’s 2015 annual report, recently published on WiltonPolice.org.

The report, signed by Chief of Police Robert Crosby and former Police Commission Chair Christopher Weldon, attributes this “in part” to a police presence, “aggressive” patrol techniques and enforcement efforts relative to traffic contacts, and a “consistent, vigorous” investigative unit.

“In 2012, FBI statistics ranked Wilton the third-safest town in Fairfield County, in terms of violent crimes and property crimes,” the report cited. But whereas crime here has been and continues to be manageable, “traffic still remains a substantial concern to the [Wilton Police] Department.”

“Route 7 has been fully operational since the widening project was completed. Traffic congestion has eased, but speed has increased. The secondary roads now have less traffic volume.”

There was a greater number of car accidents in Wilton last year than there was in 2014 — 684 compared to 652. However, “motor vehicle accidents with reported injuries remained relatively the same for the past two years, with 63 in 2015 and 61 in 2014, compared with 113 in 2013,” the report said.
In 2015, the Wilton Police Department (WPD) responded to “over 14,000 calls, and our Dispatch Center answered approximately 36,000 additional calls from the community.”

The report included crime data for the last six years. The number of domestic incidents per calendar year has been falling since 2012. Last year, there were 12 fewer incidents than the 101 in 2014.

Breaches of peace in Wilton are also on a downward trend year over year. These statistics have decreased annually since 2011. In 2015, there were 16 incidents of breach of peace in Wilton, 23 fewer than 2014.

The rate of criminal mischief has been declining since 2012. There were 37 incidents last year and 48 in 2014.

Larcenies are up, 2015 over 2014. Last year’s count — 121 — however, is much closer to the 2010-2015 five-year average of 125 incidents than is 2014’s tally of 86.

There were more DUIs in 2015, too. But, as was the case with this report’s larceny statistics, it appears more likely that 2014’s number was low, rather than last year’s being high.

Generally, statistics in the report back up the Wilton Police Department’s claim — that the crime rate remains low for Wilton.

The one outlier can be found in the narcotics category. There were almost twice as many narcotics investigations in 2015 than in 2014 — 42 compared to 22. This is above average by 27.27% and marks a four-year high. In 2011, there were 44 narcotics investigations.

It’s not crime data, but the total number of traffic stops in 2015 increased dramatically from 3,968 initiated in 2014 to 5,110. A five-year high, that means police made 28.78% more stops in 2015 than they did in 2014.