Wilton contractor charged with larceny

A Wilton contractor was arrested for allegedly taking $37,500 from a Stamford woman and promising to complete construction projects at three properties, but not doing any of the work.
Frederico Canedo, 53, of Cherry Lane, was charged with first-degree larceny, third-degree larceny and fourth-degree larceny. Canedo was freed after posting a $75,000 court appearance bond.
Canedo’s attorney Stephan Seeger said, “These types of cases are often misunderstood. My client stood ready to complete work for the homeowner and when things did not work out he took steps to refund unearned monies. This is the side of things you won’t hear from the authorities. There are civil remedies in many of these cases and not every disagreement or failure to perform a contract rises to the level of criminal conduct.”
According to his two-page arrest affidavit, a Stamford woman hired Canedo, of Canedo GC INC in mid-December 2017 to do some work at a property on West Main Street and paid him $8,000 to do the work in four checks.
After signing another written contract to perform work at 37 Richmond Place, the woman paid Canedo $28,000 in four checks, the last of which was written on April 15, 2018.
At another property on High Ridge Road, Canedo signed a written contract to perform work there and was paid $1,500 to finish the job there.
The affidavit said Canedo never began work at any of the three properties and, “Now appears he never intended to do so,” the affidavit written by officer Nick Spinella said.
Spinella said that as of Jan. 2, 2019, the woman has not been paid back and Canedo did not return any of the calls made to him by Spinella to talk to him about the allegations.