Wilton Police Department seeks entry level officers

The Wilton Police Department is accepting applications for the position of entry level police officer with a starting salary of $59,582, according to policeapp.com.

The examination process includes:

  • Physical agility test.

  • Written exam.

  • Peer interview.

  • Extensive background investigation.

  • Police Commission interview.

  • Medical/Drug screen.

  • Psychological.

  • Polygraph exam.

Department benefits include:

  • Seven-step pay increments (one step increment per year).

  • Competitive health benefits.

  • College incentives.

  • 401K retirement plan.

  • 457 deferred compensation.

  • Life insurance.

Closing date for applications is July 21.

Questions regarding the job may be directed to Timothy.Fridinger@wiltonct.org.