Wilton CERT lends lights to Weston crime investigation

UPDATE: Oct. 31 — The remains found at 89 Norfield Road in Weston have been positively identified as missing couple Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin. Their son, Kyle Navin, and Jennifer Valiante were arrested on Friday Oct. 30, and charged with the murder. For full details, visit TheWestonForum.com.

Oct. 30 — A major investigation in Weston — that could resolve the case of a missing couple — has brought in law enforcement agencies including Weston and Easton police, state police and the FBI. State police confirmed this morning they are investigating possible human remains found at an unoccupied house at 89 Norfield Road. The remains have not yet been identified, but there is speculation they could be those of Jeffrey Navin, 56, and Jeanette Navin, 55, who have been missing since August.

A search of the property began Thursday evening when police set up emergency inflatable lights — including some requested from Wilton CERT — and a helicopter with a spotlight was seen hovering over the property. The state police brought in its major crimes unit, K-9 teams, and vehicles.

According to Weston Police Chief John Troxell, the search began following a phone call around 3 p.m. on Thursday to Weston police by Thomas Kerrigan of Westport, the owner of the property at 89 Norfield Road.

Kerrigan told police he was doing a clean up on the grounds that afternoon when he found “something” he thought might be human remains. He asked police to investigate.

After Weston police responded, Troxell said, state police and the FBI were notified, and because the discovery might be related to the Navin case, Easton Police Chief Tim Shaw was contacted. Once on the scene, state police took over the investigation, Troxell said.

The search for the missing couple has been ongoing since August. Police searched areas around the couple’s homes in Easton and Weston, employing cadaver dogs at one point. They also searched Devil’s Den Nature Preserve in Weston and an ash residue landfill in Putnam.

Should the remains found yesterday turn out to be those of the Navins, Troxell said it brings the case close to home because the Navins were residents of Weston for many years.

“Norfield Road is a major thoroughfare in Weston and the property at 89 Norfield is just down the street from the Weston Police Department. This is a road where most people in town drive down on a regular basis. If in fact this proves to be directly connected to the Navin case, it’s disturbing to know there might have been something like this so close to the center of town,” Troxell said.

The remains have been taken to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner (OCME) which will confirm whether they are human or animal, and cause and manner of death if applicable. If the remains prove to be human, the OCME will also determine identity.