‘White Lives Matter’ flyers dropped on Wilton and Easton yards

A half dozen or more residents along Wilton’s Old Belden Hill Road, Belden Hill Road and Kent Road reported finding “White Lives Matter” flyers on their yards on Sept. 25, according to Wilton police. This was the same day Wilton Hindu Mandir was vandalized when a rock was thrown through a window there.

Now, residents of Easton’s Freeborn Road off Route 58  have found similar flyers deposited in their yards, police said. One resident turned in a flyer at the Easton Police Department. It consisted of the flyer in a sealed plastic bag with rocks to weigh it down, according to Police Chief Tim Shaw.

Shaw said police heard of flyers left on Freeborn, Woodland, Norton and Wyldewood roads. The total number of flyers that were dropped off is not known, Shaw said.

The flyer contains the following hashtags:

“#AntiAntifa, #AntiSharia, #AntiCommunist, #MAGA.”

It contains the following statements:

“As our monuments come down, anarchists attack civilians and history seems to be eradicated right in front of us; a new phoenix of Patriots are coming out of the shadows. We are the defenders of the Constitution. We must not remain silent. Our voices will be heard everywhere. We are legion. Expect us !!!”

The flyers did not appear to target specific households, police from both towns said.

“Everyone has the right to express themselves,” Shaw said. “We would prefer they express themselves in a different manner. If the message was threatening we would take if differently.”

Anyone with information about the Wilton flyers is asked to call Wilton police at 203-834-6260.

Anyone with information about the Easton flyers is asked to call Easton police at 203-268-4111.