Update: 2 p.m. — According to Wilton police, the Weston boy who was killed during a bicycle accident may have turned his head to check for traffic when he swerved off the road, colliding with a tree and cinder block.

Police said that a bicycle can “gain significant speed on Cobbs Mill Road,” and that the boy’s speed may have played a part in the fatality. No cars were operating on the road when the boy swerved off the road, according to police interviews with witnesses.

Counseling for friends and family members of the deceased will be provided by Weston Youth Services.

Speaking on the need to be aware of bicycle safety, Lt. Donald Wakeman said, “Any added piece of equipment you can use to improve your safety is best. It’s difficult though, when you have three youngsters out in the summer riding bikes. They might have gained too much speed coming down hill. You should always be aware of your safety. A helmet may have helped, but you also need to be aware of your speed, other bikes, and car traffic to keep yourself as safe as possible.”

Update: 11:40 a.m. — According to Wilton police, none of the boys involved in the accident Monday, in which a Weston boy died, was not wearing a helmet.

Wilton Police Lt. Donald Wakeman characterized the incident as “a tragic accident.” He said police brought the boy’s bicycle back to police headquarters to check but it seemed to be functioning properly.

The parents of the two friends were called and arrived at the scene of the accident. They were with the boys later when detectives interviewed them.

The mother of the boy who was killed was notified — Lt. Wakeman was not sure how — and also arrived at the scene.

Lt. Wakeman said the boys, who live in the general area, came from Cobbs Mill Road and turned on Cedar Road. They were going downhill when the boy lost control of his bicycle.

Police have not yet released the boy’s name.

State law requires anyone under the age of 16 to wear a helmet.

10:26 a.m. — A 12-year-old Weston boy was killed as a result of a bicycle accident in the vicinity of 150 Cedar Road, Monday, July 29.

Wilton police received a 911 call at 4:49 p.m., and found the boy lying off the east side of the road with injuries to his head and face. Wilton EMS attended to him, and took him to Norwalk Hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

According to the police investigation so far, the boy was riding with two other Weston boys, 12 and 13, eastbound on Cedar Road when he lost control of his bicycle and rode off the east shoulder of the road. The bicycle struck a slight incline along the mouth of a driveway, causing him to become airborne off his bicycle, police said. He was thrown over a stone wall fence bordering the roadway, sustaining severe injuries as he fell to the ground.

The Wilton Police Department Accident Reconstruction Team was called in to investigate the accident and was assisted by members of the detective division. The accident remains under investigation.

Anyone who may have seen these boys on their bicycles is asked to call Wilton police at 203-834-6260.