Video: Darien teen arrested for waving gun on SnapChat

The video of a Darien teen brandishing a firearm and shouting taunts, posted on the social media group Snapchat, has been obtained by The Darien Times.

The teen was arrested on March 4 after Darien Police and school administrators learned of the video. He has been held at the Bridgeport Juvenile Youth Detention Facility since he was taken into custody. His name has not been released because of his age.

In the brief video, obtained by the Times from an anonymous source, the young man can be seen waving a handgun around while wearing a bandana to cover his face. He uses profanity and racial slurs during the nine second clip, which was posted on the social media network  SnapChat group in a private group in early March. (The sound was removed from the clip before it was posted online by The Darien Times because of the nature and prevalence of profanity and racial slurs.)

Darien Police said March 4 that the taunts made in the video were not directed at any specific person or group. The video was not filmed on Darien High School grounds, police said.

Police said the handgun displayed in the video is a real firearm, which has not yet been recovered.

After police were made aware of the video on March 4, the school resource officer assigned to Darien High School identified a student suspected of being involved with the video and contacted the student in an office at the school. Police said the student then became “combative” and was taken into custody.

Darien Police then learned that a 16-year-old Stamford acquaintance of the Darien High student may also have been involved. Stamford police were contacted and went to the Darien station.

Police said they received voluntary consent to search both the Darien High student’s home and the Stamford youth’s home, but the handgun was not found.
At the time, Darien Police Chief Duane J. Lovello said, “This investigation is receiving the highest priority. I have been in close contact with Dr. Dan Brenner, Superintendent of Schools to ensure a timely exchange of information necessary to keep students, school staff, and parents aware of what information we do have. There is nothing to suggest that any criminal act was being planned,” he said.