Vehicle fire at Wilton High School

A cleaning company van caught fire at Wilton High School Wednesday afternoon, June 15. No injuries were reported.

“We got a report just before 3 p.m. of a vehicle fire in the area of the rear of the high school, which you can see here,” Deputy Chief Mark Amatrudo said at the scene.

Two Wilton Fire Department engines and an engine tanker responded, and all six Wilton firefighters who had been on duty at the time were dispatched. Several police units arrived as well.

Amatrudo said the blaze was knocked down in “about 10 minutes,” and no one was hurt. School was not in session because final exams were underway.

The van, which belongs to Stratford-based pressure washing specialist Trans-Clean, had been parked feet from the high school when it caught fire.

“We kept the fire from spreading into the Dumpsters and the kitchen, which was open,” Amatrudo said.

He added it is his department’s understanding “that the vehicle involved was a cleaning vehicle for the ventilation and ductwork equipment for the school.”

Asked if there were flammable materials housed within the van at the time of the incident, Amatrudo said, “I would assume so, but I can’t confirm that at this point.”

“They have no idea what caused it, and so the investigation will continue,” Amatrudo said.