Update: Urination on field sparks Wilton-Ridgefield fight

A Ridgefield football player was sent to the hospital Wednesday night after a fight between two groups of students — one from Ridgefield and one from Wilton, sources with knowledge of the incident said.

Wilton police confirmed earlier Friday that Ridgefield students went down to Wilton High School as part of a scavenger hunt for seniors.

Sources said one of the items on the scavenger hunt was to urinate on Wilton High’s football field, and that spurred the conflict. The new field was installed just last month.

According to the sources, golf clubs and a baseball bat were used to harm the student.

Wilton Police Lieutenant Stephen J. Brennan said in a press release Friday morning the fight broke out around 8:30 p.m..

"The incident began by Ridgefield HS students coming to Wilton playing a game of scavenger hunt," Lt. Brennan said. "Because the game was publicized, Wilton students were aware that Ridgefield students would be coming to the football field."

"While at the field an altercation occurred where a Ridgefield student was assaulted," he said.

Lt. Brennan said that the student was injured and brought to the hospital by his parents.

According to the report, the Wilton Police Youth Division has been tasked with handling the investigation.

Lt. Brennan added that the administrations at both Wilton and Ridgefield High School have been notified.

There have been no arrest at this time and the investigation is open, he said.

If anyone has any information concerning this incident, please call Officer Ross at 203-834-6260.