Unisex bathrooms in line for fire station

Two unisex bathrooms that can accommodate males, females and transgender individuals alike are included in the latest requirements for Fire Station II at 707 Ridgefield Road.

“There will be a sign that will say unisex facility, with a lock on the door,” said Fire Chief Ronald Kanterman. “It’s for whenever I hire firefighters, whenever that is going to be. I don’t care what they look like or how they go to the toilet. It’s how they perform the job.”

The updated plans will go to the fire commission on the morning of Oct. 4, and then, to the Board of Selectmen.

There are also issues like whether the septic system can accommodate the renovated building, because there are contaminated wells. There is a search for fresh water in the neighborhood.

“We’re moving along, but it’s not leaps and bounds,” Kanterman said.

There are no female or transgender firefighters at this moment, but that could change. “We have to be prepared to have bathrooms, showers, lockers, where people can have privacy,” Kanterman said.

The Fire Station II Building Committee has been meeting at the Comstock Community Center once monthly since April 5.

It made its first report to the Board of Selectmen on June 20, and now the process is concluding.

“Now we’ll know what we’re designing for,” said Chris Burney, the town’s facilities director.

Wilton voters earlier this year approved a $90,000 bond authorization to to complete architectural and engineering schematics for the firehouse renovation.