Twenty identity theft cases investigated

The Wilton Police Department is investigating a total of 20 identity theft cases involving credit cards made out in residents’ names since Feb. 21, many of which are from the Thunder Lake Road area.

Police said Elijah Jamel Chin, 26, of 1281 West Rosecrans Avenue, Gardena, Calif., is a suspect in these cases. He was found to be driving a car that matched the description of a suspicious vehicle reported around mailboxes in that area for several days. He also matched the description of the driver.

Chin was pulled over Feb. 23 near Whipstick Road and Nod Hill Road and was found to have mail and a credit card in the name of a Pipers Hill Road resident in his lap. A subsequent vehicle search showed Chin was engaged in the crime of identity theft, according to a police report.

Chin was taken into custody and charged with sixth-degree larceny, third-degree identity theft, attempt at trafficking in personal identifying information, and possession of less than half an ounce of marijuana. He was released on bond and will appear in court March 6.

The investigation remains open and police are looking into other suspects as well. Residents are asked to monitor their credit card bills and credit reports for any suspicious inquiries or account activity that they did not authorize.

The police also ask that residents cancel the affected cards, and report the incident to the credit bureaus.