Traffic stop yields gun in car

After receiving a report of a car being driven erratically on Wednesday, June 10, just before midnight, police located and followed the vehicle, a 2005 Audi A4. The car, which was traveling as slowly as 10 mph on Route 7, pulled into Our Lady of Fatima School, stopped, and then backed into the police cruiser driven by Officer William Barrett.
While questioning the driver outside the car, Officer Barrett noticed the female passenger take something from under the driver seat and hide it under the passenger seat.
Police searched the car and found a 9 mm pistol with the chamber open, as well as one bullet on the center console and another on the back seat. Police believe the passenger unloaded the pistol prior to hiding it. Police also found a paintball rifle in the trunk.
Ismery Paul, 22, of 8 Auburn Street in Norwalk, was charged with possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle, as well as possession of a pistol without a permit. There was no evidence of alcohol, in regard to the erratic driving.
A subsequent check found Paul to be wanted in Stamford for failure to appear in the 2nd degree with a bond of $5,000. This was related to motor vehicle charges.
He was held on bond at Wilton police headquarters for the weapons charges, also $5,000, and was arraigned the next morning.