Thursday night accident ties up Route 7

Route 7 near 250 Danbury Road was tied up until about 9:15 on Thursday night, April 14, because of a two-car accident. According to police, the accident occurred at 8:37 p.m. Involved were a 2007 Lexus and a 2004 Honda Element.
A police report for the incident has not yet been compiled, but the at-fault driver, above in his damaged vehicle, was issued a ticket for following too close.

Police said there were no reported injuries.

The Bulletin was at the scene and it was apparent both cars sustained significant damage.

The rear of the Lexus — the car that got hit from behind — had crumpled slightly.

The bumper of the at-fault driver’s Honda was damaged and the windshield appeared to have shattered. The airbag was deployed.

Wilton fire, police, and EMS were at the scene of the accident.

As police took witness statements, and EMS checked the motorists for injuries, cars passed by on either side of the collision zone, which was in the left southbound lane.

Travel was slowed but not entirely stopped.