Three-judge panel hears Ramsey’s case

Aaron Ramsey, the Wilton man charged with first-degree murder for allegedly bludgeoning his father to death on May 3, stood trial in Stamford on Nov. 20, facing a three-judge panel. State attorney Howard Ehring issued a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity.

Wilton police Sgt. Tom Tunney described the May 3 incident in which Mr. Ramsey was found in a nearby home, and described him as incoherent and covered in blood.

A recording of Mr. Ramsey's interview with Wilton police was also played, in which Mr. Ramsey described his frantic state of mind and aberrant motives for attacking his father.

Mr. Ramsey has been residing at Connecticut Valley Hospital in Middletown since Sept. 20, since the issuance of a "physician's emergency certificate" from Bridgeport Hospital.

Dr. Justin Schechter, a psychiatrist who examined Mr. Ramsey, subsequently attested that Mr. Ramsey was likely experiencing a psychological episode during the May 3 attack.

Mr. Ehring said the defense has made its case and is awaiting a verdict in the coming weeks.

"Essentially the trial is over," he said. "We are just waiting for a decision to be made."