Teen arrested for part in fight between Wilton and Ridgefield students

Wilton police today announced today, Oct. 11, they have charged Martynas Zoruba, 18, of 18 Indian Hill Road, Wilton, with breach of peace in the second degree in connection with an incident that took place on Aug. 31, at the Wilton High School field complex. The Wilton High School student is due in court Oct. 25.

The incident was a fight between Ridgefield and Wilton students that sent a Ridgefield football player to the hospital.

Zoruba allegedly struck the victim with his fists, police said. Police applied for an arrest on third-degree assault but the state’s attorney rejected that request.

According to reports, there were 10 students involved from each side, and police had said they were investigating whether a blunt instrument, like a bat or golf club was used, but police eventually determined Zoruba used his fists.

The students came to Wilton High School before the start of school as part of a “scavenger hunt” where members of the high school senior class participate in pranks and challenges.

One of the “items” was to urinate on Wilton High’s football field, and that spurred the conflict, according to a source. Because the game was publicized on social media, Wilton students were aware Ridgefield students would be coming to the football field and were there to meet them.

“While at the field, an altercation occurred where a Ridgefield student was assaulted,” Wilton police Lt. Stephen Brennan said last month when responding to media inquiries.

The press release issued by police said Zoruba was arrested Oct. 11 and 11 a.m. when he turned himself in. Police said although no other arrests are imminent, the investigation is ongoing and there are three other individuals they are investigating.