Suspicious package closes Wilton Library; bomb squad called in

(Christopher Burns, Jeff Williams and Kendra Baker photos)

Update: 4:15 p.m. — Outside the yellow police tape Thursday, Wilton Police Capt. John Lynch said Wilton Library had been evacuated after three black bags, that could not be attributed to anyone, were found outside the building.

The library was hosting a Rosh Hashanah service today, Sept. 25, adding to the police’s concern over the bags, he said.

Wilton resident Susan Cutler said she and approximately 100 other people participating in the Rosh Hashanah service had to evacuate the building around 11:30.

The Stamford Bomb Squad was called in to investigate the packages. The Wilton Fire Department also responded and stood by as a precaution.

Police said they attempted to identify who owned the bags, but they could not. Police then reviewed the library’s internal video recordings and discovered a library employee had placed the bags outside the door. Once confirmed with the employee, the call to the bomb squad was canceled.

By 12:15, people were allowed back into the library and emergency personnel began to leave the scene.

Update: 12:23 — Police have apparently resolved the issue and people have been allowed back in.

12:02 p.m. — Wilton police have surrounded Wilton Library this morning, Sept. 25.  Police cannot account for four black backpacks left at the front entrance, Capt. John Lynch said.

Police have closed the library until further notice. The library has been evacuated.

The Stamford bomb squad has been called in.