Students use fire truck for art

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Instead of colorful autumn leaves, a fire truck was the subject of a Wilton High School art project this fall.

One Friday in October, Wilton Fire Marshal Rocco Grosso took Wilton Fire Department’s Engine 1 to the high school so Sue Brandt’s three photography classes and two drawing classes could photograph and draw the truck.

“My students really enjoyed the opportunity to meet the firemen and photograph and draw the fire truck,” said Brandt.

“Both my Photography I and Advanced Photography students photographed the truck and many photographs were then altered in photoshop with unique effects, including double exposures, tilt shift and hand coloring.”

The students’ photographs and drawings will be featured in the high school’s Winter Art Exhibit, which opens Wednesday, Dec. 9 and runs through 2016, in the school’s front lobby.

Brandt said Grosso and some Wilton firemen will be attending the exhibit’s 11-12:15 opening reception on Dec. 9, during which appetizers made by culinary arts students will be served.