Student arrested for stealing 'master key' to Wilton High School

A 14-year old Wilton High School student was referred to juvenile court for two separate charges of sixth-degree larceny after school administrators found him in possession of a "master key" to the high school building.

During the investigation about the stolen master key, police found two stolen credit cards in the boy's possession, resulting in the second larceny charge. He was referred to court on Friday, March 27 at 7:15 a.m.

Few details were provided about the case because of the suspect's age, but Lt. Stephen Brennan of the Wilton police said the master key had been stolen by the student, and that the credit cards were stolen in Long Island in December.

"While conducting [an] investigation, two credit cards were located on this person, and it was determined they were stolen in December in Long Island. They had been canceled, but he was still charged with larceny theft by possession," Brennan said.

The cards were stolen from a swim meet in Long Island, Brennan added.