Sauvigné voted police commission chair

On Jan. 11 Police Commission Vice Chair Don Sauvigné (R), who has lived in Wilton since 1986 and has served on the commission since 2012, was voted chairman effective immediately.
He replaced attorney Chris Weldon, who stepped down in December before his 10-year term limit expired in February, to allow for the timely appointment of his replacement. Weldon was appointed to the police commission in 2006 and was voted chairman in 2011.
Returning from a five-year hiatus after being term-limited, Matthew Mason was appointed in December by the Board of Selectmen to fill Weldon’s seat as a general commissioner. He had served on the commission for 10 years, from 2000 to 2010, and was chairman for seven of the 10.
It was he who nominated Sauvigné for the vote at the police commission meeting on Jan. 11. Mason cast his vote for Sauvigné, and Sauvigné voted for himself. Commission Secretary David Waters abstained from voting for an unknown reason. He could not be reached for comment.
“I’m delighted to take the chairmanship following Chris Weldon,” Sauvigné told The Bulletin.
“He leaves a great legacy, a very effective leader, very knowledgeable of the process of the commission and the law, and we look forward to carrying on the process of a very effective commission and leadership that he provided.”
But to Sauvigné, the title of chairman appears “honorary” in some respects, when he considers how firmly united he and his fellow commissioners tend to be with their government service.
“The other two commissioners are just wonderful leaders, and as a commission we really act as a unit of one, such that the chairman’s title is, in many ways, honorary. It’s a role and responsibility, yes, but we three are aligned in our desire to support the town and the police department.”
According to his LinkedIn page, Sauvigné is a retired human resources professional. He is a member of the Wilton Republican Town Committee and a graduate of the Wilton Citizen Police Academy.
Sauvigné graduated from Providence College with a bachelor’s degree in business, and from Syracuse University with a master of business administration degree.