SAT booklet is stolen from Wilton High School

The theft of an SAT booklet from Wilton High School is under investigation by police.
According to Wilton Lt. Stephen Brennan, a Wilton woman, known to several police officers, is suspected of stealing the booklet from the school on Saturday, June 6, while the test was being administered to students. She was identified after officers viewed surveillance video “of very good quality,”  Brennan said Tuesday.
According to the police report, the woman walked into a classroom where the test was being given Saturday morning and spoke with the man in charge. He was called away and asked her to wait in the lobby.
She then told one of the proctors that she herself was a proctor and needed a test booklet, which she was given. She then left the building.
The theft was not discovered until the actual proctor told her colleague they would be one booklet short — since they had given it to the woman — and it was only then discovered the woman was not a proctor at all.
Brennan said Wilton police are in communication with the state’s attorney’s office and the investigation is ongoing.
Wilton High School Principal Robert O’Donnell said at this time there is no indication the scores of students who took the test will be invalidated. The high school is cooperating with the police, he added.