Road Rage Arrest

Two New York residents, John Goodwin, 55, of Poughkeepsie and Daniel Goodwin, 28, of Pleasant Valley, were arrested on Thursday, Nov. 21, for breach of peace following a road rage incident in which witnesses said they repeatedly punched the driver of another car.

That evening around 8 p.m., the defendants were in a car traveling southbound on Danbury Road in the Georgetown area of Wilton. As they came upon an area where Route 7 narrows from two lanes to one, a car attempted to overtake them.

After the vehicle failed to overtake the Goodwins’ car, they claimed the operator used his horn repeatedly and flashed his lights.

The cars remained close to one another on Route 7, and the victim’s car used a passing zone to pass the Goodwins’ car. After the pass, the Goodwins told police, the operator “slammed” on his brakes and forced them to quickly slow down.

Both cars eventually reached an area of Route 7 where traffic was at a standstill. Witnesses told police that both Goodwin men exited their car and “repeatedly punched” the operator of the other car. The victim had noticeable injuries following the incident.

Both were arrested for breach of peace and are due in court on Dec. 2 in Norwalk.