Ridgefield teen injured in late-night car accident

Yaznic Mateos, 19, of Ridgefield, was involved in an accident on Saturday, Dec. 28, at 2:30 a.m. that remains under investigation.

That night, Officer Arnault Baker witnessed Ms. Mateos traveling north on Ridgefield Road when she lost control of her car, crossing the southbound lane before careering off the left side of the road. She then struck a Department of Transportation flashing message board, six sections of split-rail fence, and a utility pole.

According to Capt. John Lynch, Officer Baker was forced to avoid Ms. Mateos as he returned from another call on Route 33.

“Officers had just cleared an alarm up on Route 33, and Officer Baker had to swerve into the southbound lane to avoid Mateos from hitting him. Then she went off the road and took out a fence.”

Following the accident, Ms. Mateos was unresponsive and having difficulty breathing. The responding officer administered basic first aid and oxygen until an ambulance arrived. It was apparent the victim was not wearing her seat belt at the time of the accident, police said.

Capt. Lynch told The Bulletin on Thursday that officers found Ms. Mateos with either “minimal breathing” or “no breathing at all.”

“After giving her oxygen and first aid, she was able to come through. The report does not specifically say the types of injuries, but she was admitted to Norwalk Hospital,” he said.

After she was coherent, police spoke briefly to the victim at the scene, where she said she had no memory of the accident.

Police have not been able to speak with Ms. Mateos since that time because she remains at Norwalk Hospital.