Replaced fire engine finds home in Georgia

A rural fire department in Georgia will soon be the new home of Wilton Fire Department’s old tanker engine, which was recently replaced by a new, state-of-the-art Marion Bodyworks engine.

The old engine was sold for $80,000, an “aggressive” price Deputy Fire Chief Mark Amatrudo said was justified by Apparatus Supervisor Ralph Nathanson’s expert upkeep over its 20 years of service.

“We priced this at the high end as a direct result of our apparatus supervisor’s preventive maintenance. He enabled us to get the full amount. I’m here telling you that it sold, but the person responsible is Ralph,” the deputy chief said.

Most of the proceeds of the sale will go to outfit the department’s new engine, but the deputy chief said a good portion of the money will be delivered to the town’s general fund.

The engine will help fight fires in Doerun, Ga., a low-income area served by an all-volunteer fire department.

Representatives from that department flew up to Wilton last Saturday to inspect the vehicle, and spent the entire day with Mr. Nathanson.

They left “comfortable” with the engine, the deputy chief said, and delivered a check soon afterwards.