Police warn of credit card skimming

Redding police have received multiple reports from people who have had their credit cards and pin numbers compromised through a process called skimming.

Skimming occurs when an illegal device is installed on a legitimate device and captures a customer’s debit or credit card information after they swipe their card. The device can capture that customer’s account information and PIN number.

This information is later gathered off the illegal device.  It is then used to create a fraudulent credit card, debit card or ATM card which, in turn, is used to buy merchandise or steal the money from the victim’s account. These skimming devices have been found at gas stations, ATMs, and merchant’s point-of-sale terminals.

On Monday, Jan. 29, the Redding Police Department began investigating multiple cases of the fraudulent use of debit cards across ATMs in Connecticut, New York, and Virginia. Since that date, the department received multiple reports from victims who appeared to have had their account information skimmed.

Through the course of the investigations, it was determined that several other agencies throughout the area, including Ridgefield Police Department, were investigating similar crimes. The Wilton Police Department acknowledged investigating at least one possible incident but gave no further information.

Redding police detective Christina Dias is working closely not only with these other agencies, but also with the victim’s banks. At this point in time, the Secret Service has also been assisting in the investigations. The detectives assigned to these investigations have also been working with any businesses that were possibly affected.

At this time, police are requesting any victims who have been affected come forward and file a report. Any information including, but not limited to, the date, time, and location of the fraudulent use of the debit card, along with places victims have legitimately used their debit card, will assist in their investigations.

Citizens are reminded to take steps to avoid skimming such as checking terminals before use and considering the use of other forms of payment. Wilton police may be reached at 203-834-6260.