Police urge residents to lock cars and houses

Following a run on car burglaries and vehicle thefts, the Wilton Police Department is urging residents to secure their vehicles and lock their houses.

“People feel safe,” Lt. Stephen Brennan said during a press conference Dec. 20, when he announced that two cars had been burglarized that morning and both were unlocked.

A BMW was also stolen that morning, and the keys were in the unlocked car. The vehicle was recovered in Bridgeport after the use of a GPS locator.

The incidents happened in the Glen Ridge area.

In recent weeks, there has been a rise in vehicle and residential burglaries, police said on Dec. 22.

They remind residents to secure their houses and set their alarms, lock their cars, conceal or remove valuables so they are not in plain view in the car, and be aware of their surroundings by getting as much information as possible about any suspicious activity.

If anyone sees a suspicious person or vehicle, they should call 911 or the Wilton Police Department at 203-834-6260, immediately.

Information to give police includes what the person looks like, their gender, description of height and size, and clothing.

If it is a suspicious car, get the color, vehicle type, make and model, and direction of travel, if not the license plate itself.