Police suspect 22-year-old’s death a heroin overdose

On Thursday, Oct. 10,  a 22-year old man was found dead in his home on Deep Wood Road. Wilton police responded to what they described as an unconscious 22-year old man suffering from an apparent heroin overdose. Police cannot officially confirm the cause of death until they receive the autopsy results.

Around 9 a.m. on Thursday, Wilton police were called to a house on Deep Wood Road after the victim’s mother found him unconscious on the bathroom floor.

“Some items seemed to indicate drug use in the bathroom he was found in. But, I cannot confirm the cause of death,” Lt. Donald Wakeman said on Tuesday.

According to police, the victim was a graduate of New Canaan High School living with family in Wilton.

Lt. Wakeman told the press this was the second heroin overdose to occur in Wilton this year, and is part of a trend the police department has been monitoring for about “five or six years.”

“There has been a definite increase in connection to heroin for several years,” he said. “Everywhere in this area is seeing an increase.”

Most reports seem to indicate the drug is brought into the Fairfield County area from New York City, he said.

Earlier this year a burglary suspect was found to be in possession of heroin when he was arrested, and a New York City high school dean was also arrested for heroin possession in June.

“A lot of people don’t realize how lethal heroin has the potential to be. Its a very dangerous drug to get involved with,” Lt. Wakeman said.

Though the drug does not have a high prevalence in high school students, the police officer said it was not unheard of for high schoolers to experiment with heroin. However, it has a much higher rate of use among young people in their 20s, he said.