Police station search may be under its own nose

Police looking for a bigger headquarters may not have to look farther than their own building, according to the Police Headquarters Town Campus Facility Study Committee.

Chairman Keith Fordsman said wheels are in motion to determine if and how the existing building may be modified or added to. This information will be useful in the consideration of alternatives for the department facilities, according to minutes of the last committee meeting, on April 27.

“We would have to build a new expansion of the police station and renovate the existing space,” Fordsman said in a telephone interview this week.

First Selectman Lynne Vanderslice was to meet with Chief John Lynch to review the most recent space-needs assessment, to see where it can be further clarified and if it may be further tightened. Chris Burney, the town’s facilities director, has agreed that once this has been done he will ask Brian Humes, who did the most recent police department space-needs assessment, to review and update the report, at least on an informal basis.

The study so far has been aimed at whether the police station could fit within other locations, including available space at the Comstock Community Center.

However, the spot where it is right now makes sense because the electrical power supply is there, Fordsman said.

“Keeping it on Route 7 is probably the most feasible idea to work with. Plus, the electrical power that feeds the campus right now is ideal, and doesn’t have to be upsized,” Fordsman said.

The committee’s goal is to have a plan up for a town vote next spring.