Police sergeant tops town pay list

A Wilton Police Department sergeant with $43,651 in overtime led the list of top gross pay earners for the town in 2017, according to records made available at town hall.

Steven C. Rangel, the sergeant, also had reimbursements of $15,791 coming to him, which pushed his gross earnings to $166,837. The previous year, his earnings came in at seventh place, at $134,733.

The list includes many police officers, top town hall officials, including First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, and some firefighters.

Sarah Taffel, human resources director for the town, said it should be noted that earnings for Vanderslice include $3,404 that was returned to the town. Compensation for Chris Burney includes a lump payment for 2016 earnings from the Board of Education, paid in 2017, she said. Police officers’ and firefighters’ compensation includes additional payment for holidays worked and other payments.

In the case of extra duty work for police, like traffic direction and security requests, it is reimbursed to the town by outside contractors.

Following are the top 20 wage earners:

  • Police Sgt. Steven C. Rangel, $166,837.

  • Anne Kelley-Lenz, chief financial officer for town and schools and town treasurer, $154,772.

  • Police Detective Kip Tarrant, $153,571.

  • Christopher M. Burney, director of facilities and energy for town and schools, $151,362.

  • Police Chief John P. Lynch, some of the year as captain and executive officer, $150,475.

  • Police Capt. Thomas Conlan, $144,119.

  • First Selectwoman Lynne Vanderslice, $139,290.

  • Police Detective Peter L. Trahan, $139,111.

  • Fire Capt. James C. Gies, $137,936.

  • Police Sgt. Anthony Cocco, $136,058.

  • Police Officer Paul R. Lichtenberger, $132,789.

  • Police Capt. Robert A. Cipolla Jr., some of the year as a lieutenant, $132,007.

  • Fire Chief Ronald E. Kanterman, $131,752.

  • Police Sgt. Arnault P. Baker, $130,914.

  • Police Lt. Robert S. Kluk, some of the year as a sergeant, $130,862.

  • Fire Capt. James P. Blanchfield, $130,621.

  • Firefighter David A. Chaloux, $129,509.

  • Police Sgt. Anna R. Tornello, some of the year as an officer, $128,184.

  • Fire Capt. Kevin B. Czarnecki, $126,763.

  • Robert J. Nerney, director of planning and land use management, $126,448.