Police respond to two bus incidents

Bus hit

An ECS Transportation bus was t-boned by a northbound Volvo on Jan. 20 around 7 p.m. as it attempted to make a left turn out of the transportation service’s 390 Danbury Road location.

The 2015 Volvo S60 T6 Premier collided with the bus’s driver side. Neither vehicle had occupants beyond a driver. Minor injuries were reported, but both drivers refused medical attention.

The driver of the bus was issued an infraction with an answer date of Feb. 19 for failure to grant right of way at a driveway. The Volvo was towed due to disabling damage. The bus was not badly damaged and did not need to be towed.

According to police, the accident closed the two southbound lanes and the left northbound lane of Danbury Road for “approximately one hour.”

Smoldering bus

An ECS Transportation bus was involved in another incident later in the week. Wilton police and Wilton firefighters responded around 7:30 p.m. Jan. 22 to the intersection of Danbury Road and Sharp Hill Road, where it was reported that an ECS bus was burning.
Upon arrival, the four firefighters who responded found the bus’s driver standing beside the vehicle, with smoke pouring from the driver’s seat window.
According to Wilton Fire Marshal Rocco Grosso, the odor was that of an electrical fire. Investigating the bus, firefighters saw the plastic paneling around the driver’s seat window post smoldering.
They turned the bus off and removed the paneling, determining the trouble to be a network of overheated wires encased by the burnt plastic.
Firefighters removed the overheated wires and advised the bus’s driver to start the vehicle. “We allowed him to start the bus, monitored for additional problems, and found no issues,” Grosso said.
The bus was able to be driven back to ESC Transportation at 390 Danbury Road.
Wilton police assisted by rerouting traffic, “due to fire trucks blocking both lanes,” they said. One northbound and one southbound lane of Danbury Road were closed for about half an hour. Once the scene was clear around 8 p.m., normal travel on Danbury Road resumed.