Police: report suspicious solicitors

Over the course of the past month, a number of Wilton residents have reported the presence of solicitors in residential areas. These solicitors appear to be associated with the same group, Wilton police say, and claim to represent some sort of church organization.

Lt. Donald Wakeman said police have yet to directly question a person associated with this group, and encouraged area residents to address them with a high level of caution.

Legitimate solicitors are salespeople, or charitable volunteers who go door to door seeking to sell a product, or collect donations for a charity. However, fake charitable soliciting is often a way for criminals to “case” a property without raising much suspicion.

Lt. Wakeman said that while commercial solicitors require a permit to conduct these kinds of sales, those working for a religious or charitable organization are not required to receive a permit from the town.

Because of the recent influx in the number of solicitors operating in Wilton, Lt. Wakeman urges residents to report any suspicious soliciting activity to the police department. If any Wiltonian is approached by a solicitor, he said, they should act with the utmost caution, and check their credentials before agreeing to allow them into their home.

There has also been a report of a man ringing the doorbell of a Wilton home, claiming to be a UPS delivery person when the door was opened by a young child who lived in the house. However, the man did not have a uniform on, did not have a package, and was not allowed inside. Actions like these are also suspicious, Lt. Wakeman said, and should be reported to the police.