Lieutenant Don Wakeman, of the Wilton police department, confirmed today that rabies did not play a part in the vicious pit bull attack on Anne Murray, of 77 Range Road on Monday.

The rabies test on the dog involved was performed by the State of Connecticut. Results were made available to The Bulletin today. A full state necropsy will follow.

Lt. Wakeman also said today that, though the incident is still under investigation, Wilton police do not expect to file any criminal charges in the case.

"The case is still open and under investigation," he said by email.  "We still have not been able to interview the victim.  Although criminal charges are not anticipated at this time based on the information we have, a final determination will be made once we have gathered all available information."

Requests for information to Norwalk Hospital regarding Ms. Murray's current status were not returned as of publication.

On Tuesday, Lt. Wakeman said Ms. Murray was in the intensive care unit, where she was in stable condition.