Police project to incorporate all town hall campus buildings

Still in its early planning stages, an expansion of the Wilton Police Department headquarters may be more complicated than expected.

Because the police station is part of the Town Hall campus at 240 Danbury Road, Facilities and Energy Management Director Chris Burney said at the July 19 Board of Finance meeting that he would rather not focus on a single building.

“It’s kind of entrepreneurial planning and you can put yourself in the way of yourself down the road, he said, “so we have started this process by looking at the entire campus.”

By the end of next week, Burney said he expects to receive a general condition assessment report for all the town hall campus buildings.

“That will become the basis of study work going forward — taking some of the original work that was done, looking at the occupancies of the buildings,” he said, “and we can start to look at a coordinated plan.”

Burney threw out some ideas, such as providing covered shelter for police department vehicles and expanding office space “if the police department requires expansion back over to where the parking is.

“We can expand the office space and potentially move out of the annex, which is the newest building on campus but happens to be one of the worst buildings,” he said.

However, Burney said, those decisions can’t be made by only considering the police department.

“The police department is the driver,” he said, “but everything else becomes an important asset.”

Burney said there are also no opportunities to upgrade the Town Hall buildings’ heating systems with gas because there is no gas on its side of the Norwalk River.

“There is also a dial-back on gas conversions because the utilities were depending on two major gas pipelines coming into New England and both of them were canceled,” he said, “so the excess quantities of gas thought to be available are currently not available and will not be for quite a while.”