Police dog finds injured woman

Wilton police K-9 Enzo assisted in the discovery of an injured 52-year-old woman at Merwin Meadows on Friday, Aug. 29, around 9 p.m.

That night, police received a call from a  woman who worried her friend “may have attempted to harm herself, and may be at Merwin Meadows park on Lovers Lane.”

The caller also told police her friend had also said her “body would be found at Merwin Meadows.”

When officers arrived at the area, they found an unoccupied vehicle known to belong to the potential victim. They immediately dispatched Enzo to track her location.

Enzo, with his handler Officer Steven Rangle, led police to the east side of the park, opposite the pond, where they found the woman with a severe, self-inflicted laceration.

Lt. Donald Wakeman told reporters Tuesday that responding officers found the injured woman “bleeding very heavily,” and said the event was an apparent suicide attempt. Police were able to assist the injured woman before Wilton EMS took her to Norwalk Hospital.

Lt. Wakeman said this event is another example of the usefulness of a K-9 unit in town.

“There is a great deal of land to cover when they started looking at Merwin Meadows. There’s a pond, playing fields, a playground area, and a tract of wooded area. It would have taken a long time to find the victim without Enzo’s help.”